Sunday, April 6, 2014

Right person

The boy who lives in poorest district is 12 years old. He has 3 younger brothers and sisters and, his mom is sick now.

He walks unhappy because of his family is waiting for him hungry. Going home without any food is very hard now.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Discovered a secret /Short story/

Three students graduated their college. Their grades are same. Grade is result of students’ work. So they worked equally. Then they got their jobs. Different places, same positions. Their salaries are equal. If someone who knows their result heard about it. She or he would say “They are same. They have no difference.”

Batsaikhan Chultem Khoshuud

Was born in Ulaanbaatar. He graduated Music and dance college in 1978 under advice of Jamyan.G. He's has been working at Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic theater since he graduated.

He has won many prizes of many competitions. He co-operated, and co-founded the first horse fiddle quartet.

A gift from the special one.

Today, I just received a wacom touch pen tablet from my wife. When I was young, I used to draw everytime, everwhere. Being artist was my dream. Time has gone and everything has changed. I grew up, but my wish for draw still in my mind.

Now, I can draw on my computer. I want to draw, paint, draw paint...

I'll post my paintings.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


In autumn time, Urnaa is breathing full of fresh air while walking toward to district called “Hills”. Twenty years ago she had been walking on this road. Most of neighbors have moved from here, because of deserts. Just a few families stayed in this street. She opened the door of yard that well known. There is a little white house. All the things are not moved, just like old times. A tree that Urnaa planted is grown up tall. She used to dream about she will have lunch with her family under that tree’s shadow. Now that tree is very big. Most of leaves are fell down. Just a few dead leaves are hanging from the tree. A sunshade what Shagai made for Urnaa is standing there. Color of sunshade is still bright, perhaps painted it again. She sat down under the sunshade and felt good feelings.

A flower in pot

Raindrops are knocking the window. A poor flower bowed into the glass. Because it is not watered many days. So it's getting worse from day to day.

Raindrops are flowing from top to down on glasses of the window. It's a gently rain, because of sun and rain are together. Other flowers outside of the apartment are being watered is looking good. They are drought in last many days. The wind is blowing then gently. They are together and happy.